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B&G-100 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
  - B&G-101 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
  - B&G-102 ethylene-based-type high-strength chemic
B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
B&G-300 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-301 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-302 Epoxy Building Adhesive Anchor
B&G-400 Binding Steel Structural Adhesive
B&G-500 Perfusion Structural Adhesive
B&G-600 Slot Filling Adhesive
B&G-700 Sealing Adhesive
B&G-800 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-801 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-802 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-803 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
B&G-900 Stone Dry-cladding Adhesive
  - B&G-901 Stone Dry-cladding Adhesive
  - B&G-902 Epoxy Adhesive for Stone Dry-cladding
Resin Anchoring Agent
FRP Rebar material
  - FRP Rebar material
  - FRP Anchor Rod
Carbon fiber (Basalt) Cloth Material
Carbon fiber (Basalt) Cloth Material
    CFRP reinforced structure reinforcing steels features and application advantages

1 CFRP have excellent physical and mechanical performance, tensile strength than ordinary steel 10-15 times, the elastic modulus and closer, steel reinforced concrete reinforcement for repair.

2 acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion. Without regular maintenance of concrete structure, and the internal protection, can achieve dual purpose of strengthening repair.

3. Because of the CFRP is soft, even reinforcement in roughness object, also can guarantee 100% effective paste. Such as paste surface partial with bubbles can be easily with syringe injection of adhesives, this method will be driven away in air stickup plate is very hard to do.

4. Not have wet operation, without large-scale construction equipment and field fixed facility. CFRP can be arbitrary clipping, simple construction, short construction period.

5 pasting CFRP reinforcement can be widely used in various types of repair and the shape of the concrete structure, and the shape and structure change does not affect the exterior structure.

After paste weigh per meter squared less than 1.0kg (including powder weight), a layer of CFRP thickness is about 1.0mm, after repair does not increase weight and overall dimensions.

    Applied range of CFRP

Using load increases

Change building use function

Anti-seismic requirement

Additional concrete of the dry wall or wet wall strength

Insufficient strength of beam, plate and column

Material aging

Corrosion of steel bar

Structural system change

Restrain crack growth

Basalt cloth product features

Basalt have the higher use intensity and elastic modulus, the tensile strength and elastic modulus is 4Gpa110pa respectively.

Basalt fiber has the stable chemistry performance, acid-alkali resistance can better than glass fiber.

Low heat transfer coefficient (heat transfer coefficient for 0.031 ~ 0. 038W/m.k), is the most ideal heat insulation materials.

The basalt fiber with the higher sound-absorbing coefficient, it is the coefficient for 0.9-0.99, is high-efficiency sound insulation materials.

The basalt with the higher volume specific resistance, it is the coefficient up to 1.0*1.0ohm.m.

Basalt with the higher temperature using range and good use performance of the high and low temperature. The use of basalt fiber use temperature range for -260-600, the highest temperature can achieve above 900.

Heat-resistance of basalt fiber is superior to E glass fiber of mineral wool, close to the high price of high temperature resistance quartz glass fiber. Below the 100-250 can increase the tensile strength for 30%, below the 100 working, the fracture strength can still maintain the 80% original strength.

Hygroscopicity of basalt fiber is lesser than 0.1%, below the aramid fiber, rock cotton and asbestos.

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