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B&G-100 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
  - B&G-101 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
  - B&G-102 ethylene-based-type high-strength chemic
B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
B&G-300 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-301 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-302 Epoxy Building Adhesive Anchor
B&G-400 Binding Steel Structural Adhesive
B&G-500 Perfusion Structural Adhesive
B&G-600 Slot Filling Adhesive
B&G-700 Sealing Adhesive
B&G-800 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-801 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-802 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-803 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
B&G-900 Stone Dry-cladding Adhesive
  - B&G-901 Stone Dry-cladding Adhesive
  - B&G-902 Epoxy Adhesive for Stone Dry-cladding
Resin Anchoring Agent
FRP Rebar material
  - FRP Rebar material
  - FRP Anchor Rod
Carbon fiber (Basalt) Cloth Material
B&G-500 Perfusion Structural Adhesive
    1. Product profile

B&G-500 perfusion structure adhesive is A, B two-component modification epoxy structure adhesive, is a kind of applicable to after fixed the perfusion steel special adhesive, main used for infusion construction of high-strength adhesive surface.

2. Product features

High strength, especially is steel - steel and steel - concrete of bonding shear resistance strength is high

Moderate viscosity, facilitating construction

Anti-aging, good medium (acid, alkali and water) resistance

High curing temperature range, can contact pressure curing at room temperature

Excluding volatile solvent, hardening process small contraction

Good toughness and impact resistance capability

A and B mixed adhesive ratio is the wider, facilitate site construction

For long periods, non-toxic, convenient use

3. Range of application

Concrete structural steel reinforcement, wet outsourcing component such as external large bridge steel reinforcement plate perfusion

Concrete crack (1-5mm), internal defects (honeycomb, holes) grout and repairing

    4. Ratio of mixed adhesive

A and B component mixed adhesive ratio: 3:1

    5. Operational process

    6. Technical parameters
    7. Notice

Construction environment is dry ventilation, paste face is clean and no pollution

When construction, must be wearing gloves, mask, goggles and safety helmet etc. protective equipment

If you get into the skin or clothes carelessly, usable acetone cleaning and rinse with plenty of water

If edible careless or splashing into the eyes, should seeing the doctor immediately.

8. Packing specification

The product adopts the big and small plastic barrel packed (big barrel for A component, small barrel for B component)

20kg/group, A component: 15kg, B component: 5kg

9. Transport and storage

The product is belong to non-toxic and non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical building materials for transportation

In transit shall not insolate, rain, inversion or damage to the packing

A and B two components should be stored apart, avoid mixed

The product should be keep out of the sun stored in a shady and cool (5-25), dry warehouse, storage life for 12 months

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