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B&G-100 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
  - B&G-101 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
  - B&G-102 ethylene-based-type high-strength chemic
B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-200 Series Injection Adhesive Anchor
B&G-300 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-301 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
  - B&G-302 Epoxy Building Adhesive Anchor
B&G-400 Binding Steel Structural Adhesive
B&G-500 Perfusion Structural Adhesive
B&G-600 Slot Filling Adhesive
B&G-700 Sealing Adhesive
B&G-800 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-801 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-802 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
  - B&G-803 Series Carbon Fiber Adhesive
B&G-900 Stone Dry-cladding Adhesive
  - B&G-901 Stone Dry-cladding Adhesive
  - B&G-902 Epoxy Adhesive for Stone Dry-cladding
Resin Anchoring Agent
FRP Rebar material
  - FRP Rebar material
  - FRP Anchor Rod
Carbon fiber (Basalt) Cloth Material
B&G-101 Series High-strength Bonded Anchor
    1. Product profile

B&G-100 series high-strength bonded anchor have B&G-101 high-strength bonded anchor and B&G-102 vinyl high-strength bonded anchor two kinds of specifications, with acrylic resin and vinyl ester resin as the main raw material. Has high-strength, curing rapidly and easy construction, etc. advantage.

2. Product features

High strength, good adhesiveness, durability is good, as pre-cast.

Without the adhesive composition, simple construction, speediness-conveniency.

Curing rapidly, and reduces the construction cycle.

Without swelling stress, won't cause base material damage, also has the reinforced function.

Thermal stability, under normal temperature noncreeping, resistant to connect body welding temperature transient.

Acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging, with good antiseismic.

Glass tube packing seal, stable performance, also can eyeballing pipe quality.

When the construction, after packing glass tubes smashing can act as the fine aggregate.

 3. Range of application

All kinds of curtain wall support fixed: Can be used in fixed the glass, stone, aluminum plate curtain wall and all kinds of composite material curtain wall steel bracket, base seat and keel.

To fix machinery equipment.

Connection fixed of the steel structure and concrete structure.

Fixed of the chemical pipe, pipeline equipment, crane rail and other construction equipment.


4. Curing time
Curing time of the B&G-100 series high-strength bonded anchor    Base material temperature     Mixing time      Curing time


B&G-102 series high-strength bonded anchor   

Leaking stoppage of tunnel

Base material temperature

Dry concrete

Wet concrete

     5. Operational process
    Drilling: According to the screw model, contrast corresponding diameter and depth of drill

Hole cleaning: Use brush and air cylinder to hole clean thoroughly, usually must be repeated three times cleaning.

Implant rubber tube: B&G-101 high-strength bonded anchor or B&G-102 vinyl high-strength bonded anchor implant the holes.

Implant screw: Using electrical tools and fixtures will screw screwed in hole (rotate speed is less than 750r/min, propel speed is not more than 10mm/s)


6. Technical parameters Installation data of B&G-100 series high-strength bonded anchor

    Single bonded anchor of the anchoring force design values (units: KN)
    Single bonded anchor average destruction values (unit: KN)
    Introduction: In reinforced concrete members, because of anchor tensile force can be through concrete transmitted to reinforcement, thus promote overall concrete members combined action, thus margins and spacing to anchor of the bearing capacity is less influential, the specific needs according to anchor pitch and reinforcement of reinforced concrete determined by design personnel.

7. Performance index of metal screw

    Performance index of carbon steel and alloy steel building anchor

Performance index of stainless steel building anchor

Standard value of tensile strength (MPa)

Elongation (%)

8. Notice

Thorough cleaned the drilling, when necessary, usable with a little acetone or alcohol of clean cotton cloth to wiping cavity wall.

Before not curing, strictly touches body of rod

When construction, must be wearing gloves, mask, goggles and safety helmet etc. protective equipment

If you get into the skin or clothes carelessly, usable acetone cleaning and rinse with plenty of water, if edible careless or splashing into the eyes, should seeing the doctor immediately.

9. Transport and store

This product belongs to the non-dangerous goods, according to the general chemical building materials for transportation.

In transit shall not insolate, rain or damaged packing

This product should be keep out of the sun stored in a shady and cool (5-25), dry warehouse, storage life is 6 months

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