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B&G-301 High Strength Building Adhesive Anchor
    1. Product profile

B&G-301 high-strength building adhesive anchor is two-component high strength composite resin structure adhesive, with good anchoring force, curing rapidly, simple construction and low cost of materials etc. features.

2. Product features

Curing rapidly, after harmony at room temperature can fast curing.

To buildings structure bearing force fast and anchoring force is strong.

Good heat resistance, no creep under normal temperature.

Anti-aging, good medium resistance (acid, alkali and water).

Resistance welding, fire resistance.

Good sealability, moisture resistance, shock resistance.

Process performance is good, can be construction under -10~+40 environment.

3. Range of application

Various buildings structure of rebar and screw implanted.

Buildings structure reinforcement and reinforcement.

Buildings structure framework, shear wall bars.

To fix various equipment foundation.

Railways, roads, bridges, water conservancy expansion project into consolidation.

    4.curing time

B&G-301 model curing time

    5. Ratio of mixed adhesive

curing agent: 20:1

6. Technical parameters

    Main performance index

Installation date and load


Grade I rebar: fy=210N/MM² (design strength), fyk=235N/MM² (standard strength)

Grade II rebar: fy=310N/MM² (design strength), fyk=335N/MM² (standard strength)

Concrete strength C30, fuk,cubc,150=30N/MM², Construction temperature: -5--40

    7. Operational process

Implanting rebar and screw steel construction key points:

Drilling: According to the technical parameters drilling.

Hole cleaning: Using air cylinder or compressed air and brush cleaning drilling, until clean.

Ingredients: Take out the AB component adhesive, with professional tool uniform mixing.

Inject adhesive: With ready to adhesive from the hole bottom to outer inject hole.

Anchoring: With rebar or screw screwing in holes slowly.

Curing: According to the base material temperature, wait enough time colloid curing, after colloid completely cured, can load installation

8. Notice

Completely mixed and thorough cleaned the drilling, before not curing, strictly touches body of rod.

When construction, must be wearing gloves, mask, goggles and safety helmet etc. protective equipment.

If you get into the skin or clothes carelessly, usable acetone cleaning and rinse with plenty of water, if edible careless or splashing into the eyes, should seeing the doctor immediately.

9. Packing specification

The product adopts the plastic barrel packed, glue and curing agent unity in a barrel inner.

Divided into 15kg/group and 5kg/group two packing specification.

The product is belong to non-toxic and non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical building materials for transportation.

In transit shall not insolate, rain, inversion or damage to the packing.

The product should be keep out of the sun stored in a shady and cool (5-25), dry warehouse, storage life for 6 months.

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